Keston Heat Cascade Kit: Features & Benefits

Keston Frame and Header Kits combine the power of two or more boilers to achieve a higher maximum output of up to 330 kW. This is ideal for larger properties or commercial buildings, where a higher output is needed to heat the space.

The compact Heat Cascade kit is designed with efficiency in mind, allowing for the swift and simple replacement of existing standard efficiency floor standing boilers. With a low lift weight, the kit can be easily transported through standard doorways before installation.

Flow, return and low-loss insulated headers, plus the flexible boiler connections, are all pre-insulated, which improves efficiency and reduces heat loss. All pipework connections are supplied with either the boiler, header kit or pre-assembled to the header kit.

Keston Heat Cascade is even supplied with flow and return headers with mixing header and gas header, plus fixing brackets. These factors save time and money on the installation, making the Frame and Header kit the ideal choice for both installers and property owners alike.

Compatible with a Keston Sequencer - which allows you to switch boilers in cascade on or off - it can improve energy efficiency and boiler life. Keston Heat Cascade allows for the ultimate flexibility.

Our cascade kit is British built and made to last. With a 5 year warranty, you can rest assured your cascade system will stand the test of time. Each component of the Keston Frame and Header Kit is crafted with quality, compliant with all standards and regulations.

What is a Heat Cascade System?

Heat Cascade systems allow your heating system to achieve outputs from 90kW to 330kW, spreading the total required heat output over several boilers (between two to six boilers) in order to meet the heating requirements of larger properties or commercial spaces.

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  • Fit easily through standard doorways
  • Lift weights are as low as possible
  • Maximum outputs of 330 kW available
  • Compatible with a Keston Sequencer
  • All pipe work connections are supplied with either the boiler, header kit or are pre-assembled to the header kit
  • Supplied with a low loss / mixing header, saving time and money on the installation
  • Extremely compact dimensions allow for replacement of existing standard efficiency floor standing boilers
  • All flow and return pipe work is pre-insulated
  • 5 Year Icon 5 YEAR WARRANTY†

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